Stop posting "NASTY" content for fame - Kwame Ghana

Stop posting "NASTY" content for fame - Kwame Ghana
JKD (Right) Kwame Ghana(left)

Fast rising high life artiste Kwame Ghana has advised the youth especially celebrities to desist from posting nude videos or pictures all in the name of trends and fame.


Speaking JKD of Tv XYZ on XZone, the me mposti wo hit maker noted, “there are a lot of things people post online which they regret after some few years. Ranging from nudity to relationships, people are struck by the had I known syndrome because these quote unquote nasty posts turn to have negative impact on their brands or integrity”


He however disagreed with his idol Akwaboah Jnr whose song, Posti Me tried to persuade people to post their loved ones on social platforms. 


“Most often people flaunt their loved ones on social media but in real terms, they do not show the love and care needed by each other. However I will prefer showing you true love or you showing me true love rather than social media illusions” he noted


Born Kwame Adomako who is a Ghana National Fire Service personnel, the talented vocalist said he looks forward to work with Akwaboah as he admires his craft.


“Not that withstanding, I admire him so much and I savour every music he has. I’m a guitarist myself and I’m looking forward to working with him one day. Senior if you can hear me, I’m ever ready to work with you” he appealed


On his future plans and investments, Kwame hinted he has a lot of compositions in his kitty but left with funds to project them

“I have songs and some even have videos but it’s left with an investor to believe in my brand and push me up there. I do almost everything on my own from my salary, and, it’s draining. I really need an investor or a record label to sign me” he cried out


Kwame revealed he has an upcoming joint titled Akosua Ketewa to be released on June 4 this year.


Kwame Ghana is among plethora of great talents such as Dare DMB, Imrana, RockieFela, Amero Twist, Kwesi Qorang, Drummer Boy among others residing in the Bono Region who compose and produce great tunes awaiting opportunities to explode to the world.