“Anas’ No. 12 Movie was Unrealistic”-Referee Rahman

“Anas’ No. 12 Movie was Unrealistic”-Referee Rahman

A Brong-Ahafo based referee, Salifu Rahman who was a victim of the Anas’ number 12 expose has described the documentary as unrealistic, but for personal reasons best known to Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

Speaking on Service Radio Sports Room with Kwaku Adjei Richard, Salifu Rahman said, if Anas’ investigation was based on the public perception that teams pay monies to referees to influence outcome of matches, obviously there should be a team who pays money to the referees, but Anas’ video lacks evidence showing a team paying money to any referee.

“I think there should have been the giver and a taker, but here who were the givers, which teams paid monies to the referees? We should be realistic,” Salifu Rahman noted.

The embattled Referee, indicated that what Anas did was just a movie, “he just wanted to do something to represent something, and he alone knows the reason behind what he did”.

According to Rahman, Anas could have done the public good if there was a footage of a Team Official paying money to a referee in the movie to justify the public perception that there was bribery in matches in the country.

“There wasn’t any team amongst the numerous clubs in the country being; Premier, Division One, Women’s league, Colts or school team, captured paying money to a referee to influence the outcome of a match in the Anas’ movie, but he Anas who is a Journalist was seen paying money to a referee in the video. Let’s be realistic” Rahman fumes further.

He indicated that the ‘Number 12’ documentary has rather worsened things in the sector ever since, and has not improved football in any way.

According to him, Referees who even officiated the normalization competition and the league which was truncated by the covid-19 have still not been paid.

The apologetic Salifu Rahman challenged the public to critically analyze the said match and objectively judge whether the GHC300 that Hearts Operations Manager Acquah gave him as T&T influenced the outcome of the game.